Would-be Walkers

What do we do at Nordic Walking East Kent? It’s very simple really – we teach you how to enjoy moving your body. That’s it.

If you’ve found your way to this website, there’s a good chance that you’ve done so after having experienced and rejected a number of different types of exercise for various reasons: too boring, too painful, too unfriendly, too difficult…the list goes on.

The problem with traditional forms of exercise is that they tend to be completely out of step with how people live the rest of their life: to do them, you have to go to a special facility, wear special clothes or move in ways you never do at any other time.

“What do we want our clients’ first experience of our Nordic Walking classes to be like? Imagine your first experience of going to a new gym or exercise class…then imagine the exact opposite. THAT’s what we want their first experience of Nordic Walking to be” – Erika Lawal, Nordic Walking East Kent

Nordic Walking is different. You can do it anywhere, wearing anything and it involves doing something that you’ve been doing every day since you were about 1 year old. Walking.

Nordic Walking East Kent instructors will teach you the rudiments of Nordic Walking, but they will also coach you into doing something far more important – re-acquainting yourself with your body and the joy of using it every day.

We realise that the vast majority of our clients, while recognising the importance of regular exercise, come to us having failed to sustain their commitment to the gym or classes because of one or other of the reasons listed above. They arrive looking for a way to improve their health and fitness without the hassle it normally involves.

We can provide it.

“I’m fitter than I’ve been in a very long time and what’s more, I have no more back pain!… For me, Nordic Walking has been a huge success,  I can’t tell you how wonderful it is for me to be able to exercise in the great outdoors and not injure my back in any way… It’s great socially too, you meet a whole lot of new friends along the way, we always have a great time while we’re out walking and we’re getting a fantastic workout at the same time.” – Helen

We deliver a range of nationally tested Nordic Walking programmes which are designed to get you moving. Yes, we can help you drop a dress size or two, lower your blood pressure and tighten those bingo wings, but we’ll give you the tools to help you do it while you’re walking the dog, on the way back from dropping the kids at school, commuting to work, when you’re out with the family at the weekend or even while taking a call on the telephone – hands free of course!  We’ll teach you how to make Nordic Walking part of your everyday life and something to be enjoyed, rather than endured.

You don’t have to be superfit to enjoy Nordic Walking. We work with many clients who have come to us to help them live with or recover from illnesses as diverse as diabetes and arthritis, as different as asthma and anxiety. When you contact us, we carefully assess your level of need and work with you to ensure that you enter the right programme within the range that we offer. We keep our training groups small, so that we can give you individual attention as needed and keep the feel of the class friendly and inclusive. Our motto for every class is “no one gets left behind”.

“I am totally happy to Nordic Walk on my own and often do. Mind you, the time goes so quickly in the group and I absolutely love it! Nordic walking is just such a gentle way to stay active without hurting anything or over doing it and it’s great for the mind too – I found it such a relief when I was feeling low after losing my Mum” – Pauline

Come along to one of our taster sessions and find out what it’s like to feel your body again. Call us on 0845 468 0899 or use the contact form to email us.