What They Think About Nordic Walking East Kent

A sample of what our lovely walkers have had to say about us and Nordic Walking…

I had a really great 1 day training around beautiful scenery in the Kent countryside with good company. The weather was perfect as was the venue with excellent cuisine. Regarding the Nordic Walking technique I would have liked to have had pointed out to me on occasion what I was not quite getting right as I would really like to improve, the instruction was clear but obviously I will not master it in one day! An excellent day. I would love to go on the Monday and Saturday walks initially to improve my fitness and technique.

Lorraine Jarvis    November 2, 2016    Herne Bay   

I thoroughly enjoyed the day. The instruction provided was excellent and empathetic and Has left me feeling confident enough to carry on by myself. The venue and the walks from the venue were very good. On reflection I feel I would have preferred the 4 week training but this view is not a reflection on the day but my own abilities. I plan to walk with the weekly walks when I can and have 'a go' myself as I loved it. The only thing that I would add that might be done differently - perhaps a lighter lunch!!! (It was delicious though).

Gill Pearton    November 1, 2016    Sittingbourne/Faversham   

I wanted a challenge and enjoy walking alone and so I opted for the fast track 1:1 training. I absolutely loved it! Erika was a brilliant instructor and between the sessions I was able to put into practice what I had learnt. I now feel confident to carry on with my lone walking with a full understanding of how to Nordic walk. I would definitely recommend fast track to anyone who enjoys lone walking

Pauline    October 3, 2016    Sittingbourne   

I attended the one day course and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'd used poles before, but was self-taught and I was sure I wasn't using them effectively. I was right!

Erika took us through the correct techniques and as we practiced over a series of ever lengthening walks and different terrains, she gently reminded, cajoled, picked up, nagged (in the nicest possible way :-) ) us on our technique so we could correct ourselves.

I came away feeling reasonably proficient and have successfully used my poles on several walks since, hearing Erika's voice reminding me - straight arms, ice cone fingers, gear 3 and so on!

The venue in Faversham was ideal, easy to get to, beautiful grounds and walks to access and filling, delicious food!

Thank you Erika

Rachel    April 18, 2016    Maidstone   

I learned to Nordic walk with Erika on a beautiful Sunday in April.

The venue in Faversham we used as a base was perfect as it is surrounded by beautiful countryside and offers the opportunity for both long and shorter walks.

When we arrived, Erika made us all feel very welcome and fitted us for our poles.

After a short talk on technique and what we could expect during the day we were outside and ready to go!

The full day course is probably not the easiest option physically as I believe we stacked up quite a few miles but it was a great opportunity to receive intensive learning and practicing and by the end of the day, I felt I had a good grasp of the technique.

The pace of the day was well balanced. We started out with some exercises, technique advice and a short walk which offered the chance to become familiar with the poles.

We then had a short break and headed to Oare for a longer walk. Here, Erika gave us some further exercises to clarify technique and we then enjoyed a longer walk along the coast.

We then headed back for lunch which was lovely. the food was delicious and we all had the chance to chat and get to know each other better.

After lunch we ventured out on a longer walk which offered the experience of walking with the poles on varying terrain and gradients.

By the end of the day, with both practice and Erika offering technique advice throughout the walks, I felt both comfortable and confident using the poles.

Being outside in beautiful countryside, striding (rather than just walking), getting some fantastic exercise and being with a really lovely group of like-minded people was a wonderful experience and made the day a complete success for me.

I will certainly be joining the groups doing regular walks In my Southeast coast areas.

Thank you Erika!


Ann McCarthy    April 4, 2016    Whitstable   

I have just completed the one day 'Learn to Nordic Walk' course and found it thoroughly enjoyable. Erika was a very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and approachable instructor. The venue was easily accessible with accessibility to different walks to practice the techniques Erika taught us and she was always available to the group for advice and support.

Mary    April 4, 2016    Folkestone   

The "Learn to Nordic Walk" course that we have just completed proved to be a very worthwhile experience for both of us. Despite the vagaries of the weather it was very easy to describe each session as "enjoyable". This was a result of Penny's obvious enthusiasm and the quality of her instruction which was delivered with a great sense of humour.

The technique had appeared deceptively easy but was much more difficult to master than it at first appeared, but that it was a challenge that we both enjoyed. An unexpected bonus was our introduction to parts of East Kent that, even after 70+ years living in the area, we were unfamiliar with, not to say unaware of, despite having walked, or cycled, for most of that time. We intend to carry on walking, both casually and in this new mode that we have just been introduced to. Just bring on better weather and better underfoot conditions!

Gabrielle and Andrew Parry    February 24, 2016    Hythe   

I have just finished the 'Learn to Nordic Walk' course and loved every minute. From the minute we met Penny made sure that we were all had a set of poles and ensured that they were adjusted to the right height for each of us. Although feeling a little foreign to begin with we all managed to get the general idea of what we were meant to be doing. Each week as we progressed Penny would indicate where our technique needed a little (or a lot!) more work. There were several surprises along the way: Firstly - it's not a good idea to wear normal trainers (unless it's the middle of summer), they tend to get covered in mud and are definitely not waterproof! Secondly - I worked muscles that I didn't think I had anymore, you don't imagine walking with poles would end up with your arms feeling like they're going to drop off! Thirdly - what great fun it could be!

Now that I have 'graduated,' I will definitely purchase my own poles and can't wait to join the regular walks and perhaps the odd adventure walk or challenge. My thanks go to Erika for being on hand to answer email queries and to Penny for her patience while trying to deal with a group of people who in the beginning forgot how to co-ordinate their arms and legs when walking!

Hayley    February 22, 2016    Ramsgate   

All positive feedback from me. Erika is a clear and kind teacher. I really enjoyed it.
I did the course with my partner and although we will join a longer group walk occasionally we started going out walking together early on a Saturday morning as soon as the course finished!

Jane Skeates    November 9, 2015    Whitstable   

All I have to say is : thank you, thank you, thank you... starting with the Taster Session I was hooked. The four week course was very enlightening. Thanks to Erika I can walk without worrying about my arthritis or my injured knee. She is such a gentle teacher encouraging you and giving advice as you go. I have to thank Erika and the rest of the group for accepting my being slower and giving me encouragement as well as their concern for my knee. Even I am surprised on I well my knee responded when walking properly with the poles. I will be joining the Wellbeing groups if they have me so I can keep improving. I enjoying the company, and I won't get up and go if I am on my own. I am looking forward to my next meet. THANK YOU

Nieves    October 11, 2015    Canterbury