Effects of Nordic Walking

Effects of Nordic WalkingNordic Walking requires you to push against poles as you plant them behind the body, propelling yourself forward as you do so. Moving in this way offers you a total body workout, using 90% of the muscles in your body.

Try this simple exercise to get an idea of the effect of Nordic Walking on the upper body:

1.  Sitting at your desk, raise both your arms out in front of you, extending them as if offering a friendly handshake.

2.  Make a loose fist of each hand and place them, thumbs up on your desk.

3.  Sitting upright, alternately press one fist, then the other firmly into the desk. Do this repeatedly for 15 – 20 repetitions.

4.  As you press, notice how a wave of contractions passes through your abdominal muscles as well as your upper back, arm, shoulder and chest muscles contracting each time you push.

You perform 1,800–2,200 contractions of all these muscles for every mile you Nordic Walk!